Support alumni affinity groups.

From regional chapters and reunion classes to associations and industry circles, our groups tools provide smaller affinity groups an ideal environment to network while enjoying access to their larger alumni community.

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Help alumni engage with their affinity groups.

Affinity groups are often tighter-knit than the network as a whole. Leverage that engagement by giving them their own space to network.

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Create public or private group pages

Groups can be public or by invitation only. Group creators can approve members of private groups but Community Administrators maintain overall control.
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Discover affinity groups

Members can search for groups by name or explore available groups that fit their interests and experiences.
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Public group pages

Public pages allow people who haven't joined Alumnifire yet to see that their affinity groups are active on Alumnifire. Group members can invite new users directly from their group's page.
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Straightforward alumni management plans.

Our service plans are designed to scale to organizational needs.

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