A dynamic alumni directory.

Alums are more than just a name and phone number. Create a more meaningful directory experience by letting alumni share their backgrounds, their experiences, and exactly how they can help fellow members. Alumni conversations shouldn't be cold calls.

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An alumni directory with real people who want to help.

A static directory with outdated information isn't helpful. Over 90% of alumni are willing to help members of their network. Leverage that energy with dynamic and engaging directory functionality that keeps records fresh while driving outcomes.

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Rich profiles with actionable offers

Members offer practical value based on their personal and professional backgrounds and according to their individual schedules and availability. Real-world tools increase engagement.
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Dynamic search

Using refined search filters customized to your organization’s unique characteristics, members can find the perfect match quickly and without assistance.
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Update data records with a click

Alumnifire profiles are customized to your community and filled out directly by your members. Refresh, supplement, or replace records in minutes.
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Straightforward alumni management plans.

Our service plans are designed to scale to organizational needs.

Customized communities, industry-leading features, simple pricing.
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Standard, plus extensive data, analytics, and communications tools.
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